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I will like to share with you something that I never fail to do daily.

I always make sure that I get at least 10 minutes of direct sunlight exposure every day. I get out on the terrace take out my shirt, with only my shorts, I stand in direct sunlight.

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Doing this tells my body that it’s time to wake up and sunlight helps you absorb nutrients more. This is also the time I listen to my playlist and feed my mind with positive and inspirational thoughts.

I end this morning ritual with a prayer and saying gratitude all the blessings ( whether small, medium or big blessings).

How about you? How do you start your day? Do you start your day by looking at your phone messages and dictates what you need to do for the day? Or do you go into your social media accounts and let other people’s lives dictate and control your feelings and emotions?

Take control of your life by having a morning ritual that puts you in the driver seat.

Be free, be rich and live FRICH my fellow OFwinners.

Frich Mentor

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