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Challenge yourself to be a better person. A better and bigger you.

We always point to other things why we are not successful. It’s because of the bad people in your life; it’s about the pandemic. It’s about that you don’t have the best education, it’s about being born poor, it’s able your physical disabilities, it’s about your handicap. It’s always about other people.

It is only when you realize that the problem is not other people or other circumstances but the problem is xxx. The problem is YOU. Yes, you got me right. You and only you, nobody else but you.Only when you truly realize that the real problem is you. You. Then you start your process of transformation.

I still clearly remember my transformation day in Milan when everything was at its worst. I’m alone far away from my family, Companies I applied for a job rejected me, people close to me don’t believe me, things I thought were easy to do but when I did it I failed.

___Frich Mentor

On that day in the subway of Milan. I got my true education.

When I finally realized that I tv way me. The problem was me. I need to make the small, silly, quiet, and low energy Terence a bigger, better, stronger more powerful Terence.

When I finally decide to change my heart I change my life.

Join us and let us guide you on your transformation journey to a bigger, better, stronger and more successful you.

Frich Mentor

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